Awe Tuning 3015 42058 Switchpath Exhaust W 90mm Tips For 2015 2018 Bmw M3 M4

1 ratio at part throttle cruise. If you tune the idle feed restrictors too lean the engine will most likely suffer from an off idle lean stumble as an early indicator that you ve gone too far. If the throttle blades expose too much of the idle transfer slot arrow at curb idle. CC Tuning Tip Poor ignition performance can be confusing when using the LM 1 air fuel ratio meter. A softer power valve spring uses less fuel by keeping the metering rods buried in the primary jets. This shows the proper amount of the idle transfer slot exposed. 1 all the way up to as high as 1. A stiffer power valve spring pushes the metering rods out of the jets sooner at higher vacuum levels. IF you are five or six jet sizes or more away from the box stock configuration it s possible there s something else wrong with the carb or your engine. IF you go too lean on the idle feed restrictors the Awe Tuning 3015 42058 Switchpath Exhaust W 90mm Tips For 2015 2018 Bmw M3 M4 engine will surge at cruise and hesitate under light acceleration since most engines don t like to accelerate at lean air fuel ratios.

Most mild street engines can tolerate part throttle air fuel ratios of 1. After properly adjusting the primary accelerator pump linkage the stumble disappeared. Shoot for between 1. When we tried larger leaner B primary metering rods it hurt light throttle acceleration. What this means is the power valve and accelerator pump circuits become much more critical.

It s more of a challenge to tune a carburetor to achieve a lean 1. 0 to further improve the throttle response. We could not tune any leaner without creating an off idle stumble and part throttle lean surge condition because of the cam. This data can be viewed in detail to help you dial in the car. Some quick math revealed that the 0. Don t be afraid of 1. It s also a good idea to start your tuning with the carb in its stock jetting configuration.

The LM 1 meter told us the engine was way rich at just off idle so we first tried leaning out the idle mixture screws but it didn t help. At steady state highway cruise speeds the air fuel ratio went back rich at around 1. Mount the Bosch sensor in the upper half of the pipe to prevent condensation from affecting sensor accuracy.

 AWE Tuning F80 F82 M3 M4 Switchpath Non-Res Exhaust w/ 90mm Diamond Black Tips


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