Antique Old Mine Diamond Gold And Silver Dangle Chandelier Earrings 300 Cts

O Box 1 0 Chicago IL 0 1 USA GET UPDATES ON NEW ITEMS This iframe contains the logic required to handle AJAX powered Gravity Forms. The necklace is marked with zolotnik Imperial gold standard 1 K and maker’s SoldDateApril 01 This delicate Omega Constellation Mother Of Pearl bracelet was made in Russia in the 1 0s. FOLLOW US Copyright 1 01 All Rights Reserved Total length with ear wire. Petersburg between 1 and 1 by Faberge’s head workmaster of the period Michael Perkhin. Phone Email Romanov Russia Ltd. It is engraved Reserved 00DateApril 01 Rome circa 1 An antique gilded bronze jewelry box features a fine micro mosaic view of the Colosseum Coliseum in Rome by a prominent micro mosaic SoldDateMarch 01 made in Moscow between 1 and 1 1 K gold antique earrings are prong set with two sparkling bright white old mine cut diamonds approximately 0.

Faberge eggs engagement rings of unique designs unusual men’s rings and rare Russian demantoid and Siberian amethyst jewelry.

Ct encircled by fourteen Available 00DateApril 01 This antique gold link chain necklace was made in Moscow between 1 and 1 0. Ct and Available 00DateMarch 0 01 circa 1 00 Late Victorian rose and green 1 K gold ornate dangle earrings are embellished with pearls and medium purple amethysts.

FOLLOW US Copyright 1 01 All Rights Reserved of sparkling bright white old cut diamonds. Total length with ear wire.

Each earring is centered with an Reserved 1 00DateMay 01 This rare original antique FABERGE miniature egg pendant was made in St. CONTACT INFORMATION Any item from this site may be viewed by appointment at our downtown Chicago location on Monday Wednesday Friday between 11 am pm. Based in Chicago we specialize Tag Heuer Link Diamond Ladies Watch in original fine antique and vintage jewelry from all periods and styles authentic pre 1 Antique Old Mine Diamond Gold And Silver Dangle 1 jewelry by Carl Faberge including rare miniature Faberge eggs engagement rings of unique designs unusual men’s rings and rare Russian demantoid and Siberian amethyst jewelry. ABOUT US Buyers and sellers of fine antique jewelry and Imperial Russian antiques since 1.

We also buy and sell objects related to Nicholas II the last Tsar of Russia. The front and Available 1 00DateApril 0 01 Austro Hungarian Empire Vienna circa 1 0 Cigar shaped textured 1 K gold cufflinks are set with carved burgundy red garnets. The 1 K gold bangle bracelet is embellished with turquoise and rose cut diamonds. 1 mm approximately 1. The cufflinks are marked with maker’s initials and fox shaped Available 00DateApril 01 circa 1 0 A 1 K gold ring is centered with an emerald cut emerald measuring 11.

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Greg Thomas 0 Nov 01 0 11 Wow I forgot to mention John Glowdow and Vic Aimone. Like every one else we hiked and camped on the AT participated in Order of the Arrow and all the wonderful things boys did at that time. Out on the river scouts attired as Indians lit torches and paddled into shore. And remember they had 1000 chickens. I loved the place so. Gamble 1 Apr 00 10 I was a camper for six years and a counselor for two at Eagles Nest Farm when Canon William O. Keep informed about all the great stuff to do in and around Northwest New Jersey by reading our seasonal publication the Skylands Visitor magazine. There was once a Flatbrookville Post Office basically it operated out of the home of the postmistress Mrs. Continuing on Old Mine Road parallels the beautiful Van Campen’s Glen. I think we finally had to clear out in the mid 0’s. I know it was active in the 1 0’s. It is sad that the state has locked up all of the beauty this mine holds within. All fond memories except for one priest who made a bunch of us 1 year olds put Kirkmans yellow soap in a cup with a little water and swish it and hold it in our mouths til we puked for saying Moses tied his ass to a tree and walked 0 miles. In that area. Please see if you can get me in touch with him or anyone who has pictures or stories. No one knows whether he survived long enough to take a sip. I miss them still.

We also took the kids on overnights on the mountain across the street. Also fires in the area adjacent to the waterfront. There’s no sense in trying to do a cover up. We Antique Old Mine Diamond Gold And Silver Dangle have generators and do not need anything but land. Campers from St. Dec 011 1 Hi Bob Demarest and Tim Rue. R nWe laugh we sing. The boys were told to candle all the eggs before they went to bed. It is most unfortunate that the lower mine has had it’s gate closed and locked as stated in the story. To access the ore and to transport it to Kingston New York they constructed a road now Antique Old Mine Diamond Gold And Silver Dangle known as the Old Mine Road. Kids who came had a great time. LoveTheTrails 11 May 00 10 Hello all r nI LOVE the entire Old Mine Road area and have hiked many of the trails back there. All I saw that night was many deer and the large tree which stopped the runaway Korean War truck I was on and my Dad was able to steer it into. I Super Save On Lorex Watch 14K am so sorry to hear that it is no more If you want to go tramp tramp tramp. During winter weekends back in the late 1 0s and before we had licenses we didn’t think anytihng of driving our Explorer leader’s jeep from camp down to the Copper Mine Inn to get sodas and play bumper pool. Sometimes we would pile four or five of us high on a sled with my younger brother Jim or I on top younger and smaller. The spot where our cabin stood would have been a small island and so much would be lost. It still is a wonderful place to hike though my knees are starting to object. Just before the hamlet of Millbrook lies the entrance to the Watergate area acres of groomed grassy lawns on which to picnic a pond or two and public restrooms! Bob Demarest 1 Aug 011 1 Hi Don Pace Warren Dan. I was assigned one Cot on the second floor Sleeping Porch the only one in residence on the cot porch. R nI went back to visit one evening in the late 1 0’s from a business trip to Bellcore in Morristown. May 01 0 1 Great memories of the Copper Mine Inn Don Van Hagen sp? Built perhaps early 1 00s and then modernized probably in the early 1 00s. We were the last couple to be married in Pahaquary NJ now Columbia and the last couple to be married in Calno School. Skip Zimmerman 1 Dec 011 0 Seeking information on and photos of River Side Farmhouse an inn operated between 1 0 and 1 by Hiram Zimmerman. Some of the most collectible lures from include Wotta Frog Bullhead Natural Hair Mouse Croaker Shiner and Fly Rod Baits. Agnes Rosenkrans. R nAnother bit of history is that there was a big flood in 1 I believe which washed out the old bridge at the base of the hill 0. So anyway here’s to John and Vic and. Vivian reprinted from Compressed Air Magazine March 1 1 reprinted by courtsey Ingersol Rand Phillipsburg NJ. We are looking in the Columbia flatbrookville area but would love to hear of anything somewhat close. We lived at Camp Pahaquarra where my Dad was the camp ranger until September 1 then we Best Buy On Mens moved up to the Silve residence at Millbrook. There are many other collectible lures from manufacturers like Abbey Imbrie Al Foss C.

1 Aug 01 Mens Custom Joe Rodeo Technolink 3 1 Hi I’m sorry if this is not the place to do it and I know this is a long shot but am really looking for people who know the walpack millbrook flatbrookville area and hoping by word of mouth we can get some helpful information. Do you know why it’s closed or when it closed? 1 Oct 01 0 I spent three summers and several winter weekends at Camp Pahaquarra hiked to both Catfish and Sunfish Ponds.

Some of the most collectible lures from include Wigglefish and. Roneomel Jul 00 1 Jul 00 0 1 Back in 1 a group of us went to Kamp Karamac and enjoyed it tremendously.

There are many more interesting sites of interest along Old Mine Road before it exits New Jersey at Port Jervis New York. This area is now closed again due to recent flood damage. R nThe view from Salamovka of the Flatbrook and Delaware Water Gap is stunning year around. We are a very responsible and self sufficient group and have been camping at the same camp ground for 0 years but now are looking for another spot. Frank and Vi used to go once a week to play bingo. R nAlways a winning r nAlways a grinning r nAlways a feeling fine. Gary Letcher 0 Oct 011 0 I am the author of Canoeing the Delaware River soon to be released in a revised edition as A Paddler’s Guide to the Delaware River. Riding in the back of that was a violation of every safety rule in the book but most of them hadn’t been written yet Best Deal On Versace Womens so nodody cared and it was fun to ride in. Whom I think about often hoping that the best somehow found him. And remember that the town of Delaware was really Sleepy Hollow so you had to be very quiet while walking through to go climb up Blair’s Nob otherwise you would wake the people up! It was kind of hard to get the campy feeling listening to the trucks whine past at 0 mph all night. When a train came? I also liked not getting any ribboms at chapel in the morning. Some of the buildings farms and areas mentioned here have been photographed for this exhibit. In the winter when scouts would camp in the Waterfront cabin my brothers and I would sleigh ride with them. Kinda sad in a way Antique Old Mine Diamond Gold And Silver Dangle for me to see that but I guess great memories to come for people that hang there now and dont know its past. Great memories. My knowledge of lures is limited but there are many great books that cover most of the antique lures in more detail.

Looked like or where they were. VERY good memories Rob MacGregor 11 Nov 00 0 I have happy memories of being a camper there in the early ‘ 0s Amanda 0 Sep 00 0 I’ve lived in Sussex County all my life but recently moved to Stillwater Twp. R n r S Crockett Robertson 0 Aug 010 10 0 I spent many years as a pre teen and teenager living in a cabin w outhouse on the cliffedge of the river and walking the woods Old Mine road and the surrounding area. Did all five weeks in main camp except for the last year which was only three. R nWe laugh ha ha we sing tra la. WEB 01 Apr 01 0 I am looking for any photos information regarding the Decker Ferry particularly where it was anchored on the NJ side. State forest ranger fish and game man told me a while back that the government does not believe in individual land ownership along the Delaware. Mommy’s Place was vacant for years due to well water problems then he finally sold it. The Order of the arrow campfire area was very close to the mine entrance. I would love a response. Vincent’s Home in Brooklyn NY were rescued from roof tops along the Delaware Water Gap.

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00 Stiff as a board unused cotton canvas bib apron from C J Duffey Paper Company nice and clean just a little lig. This is fascinating and beautifully illustrated. 0 Vintage galvanized metal tray with sturdy handle. 0 Zinc galvanized metal parts box with sectioned compartments for sorting. There’s a punch needle tool a package o. Interesting vintage gadget made to sharpen knives scissors even lawn mowers! It’s solid brass. 00 Lot of three very old very worn ice picks. Vintage glass syrup pitcher with yellow plastic lid in very good clean condition. 00 Old adjustable grabber for stove plates works fine and has a good vintage patina. The glass jar is marked Federal Tool Cor. 1 th century vintage leather working tool kit in a antique tole box a whole collection just as we found it. 00 sale price 1.

Stiff as a board unused cotton canvas bib apron from C J Duffey Paper Company nice and clean just a little lig. Used but good vintage stainless steel pie cutter this cuts a whole pie at once very neatly! Sale price 0.

This will give you a little extra hanging space where ever it’s needed a. Best Buy On 0 Lot of three old metal shovels for coal scuttles or wood or Antique Old Mine Diamond Gold And Silver Dangle coal stoves. 00 sale price. 00 sale price 0. 0 We love this cute little Fold O Hanger gadget. We’ve shown it in a Pyrex. Sale price. 00 Lot of sealed needle punch embroidery craft supplies all in very good condition. Stiff as a board unused cotton canvas bib apron from Gilbert Carpenter Paper Company nice and clean just a lit. These are worn to varying degrees and make a int. 00 1 0s or 0s vintage wood box with heavy paper cover a special purpose case of some sort possibly for survey map maker.

This is an Apex sharpener in excellent conditio. 00 Vintage steel tray tote originally designed for tools. 0 sale price 10. Stiff as a board unused cotton canvas bib apron from Gilbert Carpenter Paper Company nice and clean just a litt. 00 Stiff as a board unused cotton canvas bib apron from C J Duffey Paper Company nice and clean just a litt. These are all quality USA made tools showin. 1 0s vintage Brown and Sharp catalog of machinist’s tools 1 dated 1 1. Nice and heavy all metal box this has a Frederique Constant Womens Fc200mpw2vd6b Art Deco 1 0s vintage green and white repaint but the box itself is probably early to m.

Stiff as a board unused cotton canvas bib apron from Gilbert Carpenter Paper Company nice and clean just a little lig. There’s a number. 00 Lot of two old folding rules for a carpenter or machinist’s tool chest early 1 00s vintage. 0 sale price 0. These make professional quality ironing so. These are mostly manicure inst. This is a great industrial style vintage piece. 00 Old metal tool box hand labeled for painted lettering this originally held parts for a 1 Hercules tractor engine.

This would make a fantastic display piece. Very old iron spud wrench about 1 long end to end wrench size 1? Originally intended for tools though we like it for a indust. Lot of three antique 301 Ct Natural vintage wood stove handles as shown in the photos two lifters for burners and a grate. Tailor’s pressing ham and pressing mitt both in good clean condition gently used. Sale price 1 1. 00 Interesting lot of vintage drafting tools letter stencils french curves a house layout stencil etc. Collection of assorted antique and vintage grooming tools for vanity table or train case. The tips of all of these are worn or broken away and the handles are very w. Collection of five heavy ‘scissors’ for cutting sheet metal screening etc. Measures 1 1 long end to end. 0 sale price 1. Most of these are. Sale price 1. Use this handy little thing to hold your collections from drinks. 0 sale price. Antique tarnished brass case marked Luxor originally intended for brushes a razor or other grooming tools?

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