62 Grams Crystal Gold Round Mountain Specimen

Flowering Time 0 days if outdr Mid Oct Yield 00 g m if outdr 00 00 g plant Height metres Feminized seeds for Blue Widow Blueberry x White Widow 4 Pairs Of DINAFEM It displays autumnal colours turning from blue to purple and even reddish. A medium sized well branched plant that is very flexible making it ideal for SOG or SCROG systems. This mix makes it hard for devoted Cheese lovers as well as the OG Kush loyalists to look any farther. When mature the colas look like compact green and red brown beads loosely strung on thin stems with a dusting of THC crystals. Type Sativa Indica Hybrid Indoor flowering time days if outdr Oct 1 1 Indoor yield 0 00 grams m Feminized seeds for 1 AK Colombian Gold x Thai Mexican x Afghani NIRVANA Our AK is one of the strongest early finishing strains available anywhere. The nugs look OG with LA density. Showing its medicinal qualities. Flowering Time weeks Yield 00 gr m based on 00w Taste Tropical fruit salad exotic richness with delicious mouth watering tastes. This cut was crossed to my SFV OGK F male. Heavy smoke with subtle Asian flavours Sativa Indica Hybrid Flowering Time 11 wks Yield 00 00 g m THC 1. Sativa dominant Flowering Time wks if outdrs early Oct Yield Medium THC 0 Feminized seeds for ChemDog Sour Diesel x OG Kush GREEN HOUSE SEEDS Narcotic with strong perception alteration long lasting.

We would recommend staking or tutoring as the weight of the buds may break the branches.

It is considered to have good mould resistance. UNDERGROUND Our plant par excellence it is an absolutely psychedelic experience. Indica Sativa Flowering Time 0 days if outdrs mid Sept Production 0 gr m indoor Flavour Sweet fruit Smell High Resistance to mold Low Medicinal value Very High Feminized seeds for Fruit Spirit ROYAL QUEEN SEEDS Fruit Spirit is a hybrid F1 of Blueberry and White Widow. M if outdr 00 gr pp Smell Very High Flavour Sweet Effect Narcotic Resistance to mold Very High Medicinal value Very High Feminized seeds for 0 Devilfruit Shiskaberry x Great White Shark MEDICAL SEEDS Indica plant structure due its heritage sativa flowering is a bit longer finishing in about days indoors. It has an 62 Grams Crystal Gold Round Mountain Specimen intense fruity flavour but in some varieties a lemony taste of wood. Effect Superior souring high Aroma Taste Sweet sour Hazy THC 1 1 Feminized seeds for 0 OUT OF STOCK Dutch Dragon PARADISE SEEDS Dutch Dragon is a huge Sativa variety that produces superb yields from long sticky colas. Outdoors it is ready by the end of September with a production up to 00 gr plant. The stone is a balance between a deeply relaxing physical feeling without excessive drowsiness.

Short stature wide leaves it is the typical Indica with short internodes and strong sweet taste. Intense taste of White Widow and the smell of berries. This variety was produced by crossing a THC rich Kandy Kush selection with a CBD dominant strain. Darkstar is a great plant for those seeking pain relief appetite enhancement and other worldly activities. The flavor when inhaled is typically sweet and sour similar to the taste of kiwis with a fine hazy aftertaste in the mouth when exhaled. The result is a very stable F1 hybrid suitable for growing indoors or outside and with a highly homogeneous chemotype that is to say very similar in its effect aroma and fragrance. Pay attention to supporting the plant during the final stage of flowering use sticks to prevent branches from breaking. Its effect is potent more cerebral than physical and long lasting. Indica 0 Sativa 0 Flowering Time weeks Yield 00 00 gr m Taste Floral earthy fruity aromas THC CBD 10 Feminized seeds for Amnesia Haze Amnesia x Super Skunk x Haze EXPERT SEEDS The result is a Sativa plant whose height can be managed that flowers like an Indica grows quickly produces great yields tastes of sweet Sativa and generates an incredible amount of resin crystals. Through this premium clone the Brainstorm feminized seedline is produced. It is also a great option for a wide range of therapeutic purposes. Maximum yields however are achieved in hydroponic systems. Smoke a few joints after lunch or dinner and you’ll feel a strong creative high perfect for writing songs stories or anything that your mind picks up. I crossed this to my SFV OGK F amle in hope of bumping up the yield on the og and in hopes of bringing a little more citrus out of the out of the Chem. We then crossed this with our 1 selling award winning THC Bomb to create a truly knockout strain. We recommend very long vegetative cycles. Exclusively inbred never hybridized Large long budleaves buds are also large and long with lots of resin. Amnesia haze is suitable for both hydro and soil grows SOG SCROG. Feminized seeds for 1 CBD Bomb BOMB SEEDS With a CBD level well over and 1 1 CBD to THC ratio CBD Bomb is a medical strain of the highest quality. An all around great variety with everything we look for for breeding growth structure vigor taste smell looks and strength. She stretches during the first three weeks then stops and starts to produce the most unique and colorful flowers. Later in the flowering period leaves can turn a 62 Grams Crystal Gold Round Mountain Specimen purple cherry colour with buds glistening in THC. Sweet with a hint of earth and flowers. CBD Chronic is a medical strain which is very well suited to treat the symptoms of e. It combines that classic flavour and aroma with an unbelievable amount of sticky crystal covered nuggs. She grows a HUGE top cola with little side branching. The aroma is very citrusy and sweet like tangerines as is the taste. 0 sativa 0 indica THC 0 Indr Harvest Time 0 0 dys if outdrs early Oct Production 00 0 gr m indoor 00 gr m outdoor Smell Low Feminized seeds for Cataract Kush LA Confidential x OG Kush DNA GENETICS Cataract Kush looks almost grey black when cured and has blankets of crystals! Mostly Sativa Flowering Time 0 days if outdrs mid end Sept Yield 0 gr m Height up to metres THC Medium Feminized seeds for Blue Dream Haze CALI CONNECTION The Cali Connection once again brings you another West Coast Gem The Blue Dream Haze.

Back in the T.

1 CBD Feminized seeds for Blue Mistic ROYAL QUEEN SEEDS Blue Mistic has its origins in California. Intense fuel and citrus aromas with hints of menthol and berries. 1 Feminized seeds for 0 OUT OF STOCK Big Bomb BOMB SEEDS Along with THC Bomb Big Bomb is our highest yielding strain. Sativa 0 Indica 0 THC Very High Flowering Time days if outdr early Oct Height 0 100 cms if oudr meters Yield Very High if outdr 00 gr 1kg pp Feminized seeds for 0 Exodus Cheese the only original Cheese GREEN HOUSE SEEDS The most popular clone only strain in the UK is now available in seed form. This marijuana strain produces exceptional amounts of resin resulting in a deep near black hash with a tasty aroma and a heavy buzz. We strongly advise using carbohydrates or molasses after the nd wk of flower to bring out all the flavour. 0 indica 0 s tiva Veg Time wks Flowering Time 0 days Yield 00 gr m if outdr late Sep around 1kg Height metres THC 1 0 CBD Medium Feminized 62 Grams Crystal Gold Round Mountain Specimen seeds for Cheese Old School UK Skunk x Afghani DINAFEM It’s intense long lasting and aromatically Indica taste of cheese something similar to a strong well cured vintage cheese. A powerful producer and a high yielder. This is without having to endure a heavy couched or locked down feeling that is associated with some competitor strains. We owe a special thank you to our friend and rapper Bad Azz from Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips.

 6.2 grams CRYSTAL GOLD Round Mountain Specimen


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Inch Etched Gibeon Meteorite Sphere This unique item is sold. There are a few dozen insects including at least 10 mosquitos and a 0. This pegmatite specimen has areas with white albite feldspar and there are rubellite tourmalines passing through the lepidolite mica. It has amazing fine deep blue natural color. 10 mm x mm x mm Mined in Minas Gerais Brazil Price 1.

Most of the crystal tips in this quartz crystal decorator specimen are in good overall condition with only minor abrasions and the prismatic faces are in mostly good condition with some naturally abraded areas on one side. See a view of this collector quality on its side. 00 This upper portion of this polished citrine crystal has very rare transparency with giant gem grade areas inside! The fine blue color is very intense with some layers showing beautiful white calcite and shiny golden pyrite together within the wonderful deep blue lapis all 100 natural colors. See also a side view photo of this genuine. Pounds Calcite Decorator Specimen Dimensions. See also a close up view of the tip of this. It has numerous internal skeletal inclusions or cavities containing multi colored clay minerals. See also a front view photo of this genuine. This natural color citrine gemstone is completely clean even under magnification GIA TYPE I Gem Clarity Grade Flawless and it measures. Campo Del Cielo Meteorite. Natural Color Elestial Citrine Sphere inch Item cits Natural Color Citrine Sphere Dimensions diameter Ground and polished from a natural elestial quartz crystal that was mined in Minas Gerais Brazil. 1 carats Item berg10 green beryl gemstone This natural green beryl gemstone weighs 1. Polished from natural color citrine mined in Minas Gerais Brazil Price 11 0. Drusy Quartz on Botryoidal Chalcedony Decorator Specimen Item chlm1 chalcedony Natural chalcedony specimen weighing. This natural dark blue green tourmaline crystal is semi transparent as shown in the photo at left where the tourmaline is held up to a light. Mined at Nooristan Afghanistan Price 1. Pound Cubic Galena Specimen Item galm10. The Sikhote Alin meteorite is classified as a coarse iron octahedrite type IIB this type of meteorite displays a beautiful pattern known as a Widmanstatten pattern when its surface is etched as shown. This natural topaz crystal was mined in Espirito Santo Brazil Price. Fine Yellow Kunzite Crystal Item kunm 0 This natural color yellow kunzite crystal weighs carats 1. This unique black tourmaline specimen was mined in Brazil Price 1.

1 This fine quality star rose quartz cabochon gem has excellent transparency with deep rose pink natural color.

It was hand ground and polished into this flame shaped free form with wonderful patterns and all natural colors. This asteriated rose quartz gemstone has a well developed natural ray star known as asterism. 00 This large size kunzite crystal specimen weighs. They have a light grayish blue matrix with intense blue lines in some areas that form 62 Grams Crystal Gold Round Mountain Specimen very interesting and unique patterns.

Inch long partially terminated quartz on the opposite side. 0 Lbs Quartz Rough Dimensions. This natural unheated ruby crystal is. Mm deepShape faceted oval Cut from a natural color green beryl crystal found in Minas Gerais Brazil Price. See also a full view photo of the front side of this specimen. Pound Polished Quartz Crystal Item rkxp 0 quartz crystal weighs 1.

The prismatic faces and the terminations of this natural black tourmaline specimen are in very good condition with a small amount of schist matrix. This wonderful decorator specimen of naturally terminated jacare quartz crystal also known as elestial quartz crystal is semi transparent with transparent Versace Mens Vdb060015 V Ray 44 areas and it has colorless to medium dark natural smoky brown color. This natural aquamarine specimen is translucent with a relatively flat shape and beautiful light blue natural color. This natural color citrine skull came from Bahia Brazil. This giant size kunzite gem is completely eye clean even under close inspection GIA Type I Gem Clarity Grade VVS. Our special offer price for this natural color smoky quartz faceted gem is 1. It has a fine quality finish with several hundred dots bull’s eyes in white pink and green colors all natural colors. This fine quartz crystal collector gem is totally colorless and it has very fine clarity as well with no visible inclusions even under very close inspection with bright illumination internally flawless! The blocky shape is ideal for carving a very rare quality skull or sphere. We are offering this large decorator sphere of natural quartz crystal rock crystal at a special 62 Grams Crystal Gold Round Mountain Specimen offer below wholesale discounted price of pound 0. This rare size collector gem of fine quality star quartz crystal has exceptional transparency and it is naturally colorless. It would yield a spectacular carving of very rare quality. This cats eye jade sphere was made from natural nephrite jade rough that was mined in Siberia. See also a back view of this pegmatite decorator specimen of. Its color is a medium dark mottled Diamond Ring Halo Round green 100 natural color with a bright silvery green chatoyancy or cat’s eye visible on different areas of the sphere’s surface the cat’s eye is relatively broad and diffuse and is not easily visible in the photo at left. This unheated gemstone has very fine natural golden yellow citrine color. Carats Item citg 01 Genuine golden citrine gemstone weighing 0. 0cm x cm x cm Mined in Itamarandiba Brazil Price 1 10. Mm deepShape faceted pear shape Faceted from a natural quartz crystal mined at Diamantina Brazil Price. This large decorator specimen has greenish gold muscovite mica crystals perched on a light brown albite feldspar matrix. This is a very beautiful decorator specimen of natural color. Large Gem Grade Peridot Specimen Item perm 1 peridot crystal this genuine peridot specimen weighs.

1 gram 1 karat white gold anniversary ring are all engraved with a registered number. Also accompanying the ring is rather optimistic Buy Today Mens Diamond Gucci Green 00 appraisal that states a replacement value of 00. I doubt there’s one person reading this who hasn’t seen a dolphin ring before but I’m sure you’ve never seen one half as nice as this ring. The 1 0 0s era ring features all the delicate detail indicative of Deco design cast into grams of 1 karat white gold. Cabochon cut gems are few and far between and cabochon sapphires are even more unusual. Men’s sold lady’s still available. 0mm wide by. 00 or more all by itself. 1 karat gold ruby and diamond ring. You’ll never run into another ring exactly like this. 0mm dome is a sparkling 0. 0 carat round brilliant cut diamond of nice I1 Emerald Amp Diamond Bezel 18K Yellow I quality. Diamond ring 0. And is estate priced at 0. Be the first step of a family heirloom tradition for 0. I think this design looks like a 1 tooth bicycle sprocket.

Grams of 1 karat brightly rhodium plated unrefinished white gold and measures a finger size 1. 00 62 Grams Crystal Gold Round Mountain Specimen per gram. This well made ring was designed by local jeweller Jeff Walters Jewellers and contains a bright and lively 0. Our three faceted rounds are meant to appear as top quality rubies. Estate priced 1. 1 carat I1 JK diamond halo ring is from Kavar’s in house line. 0 carats of pave set round brilliant cut diamonds. Total diamond weight ring is in like new condition showing little to no wear of any kind. The ladies ring measures a finger size. E10 Just like diamonds the four Cs must be considered for each kind of coloured gemstone. Gram 1 karat white gold ring are a bright SI HI quality. Are the vital statistics. The delicate geometric ring top measures 1.

Styles have gotten very diverse as have tastes. Pink sapphires are usually a pale pink lemonade colour this one however is far more saturated it weighs approximately 0.

Carats all of good SI1 H quality.

It’s little extra details like these that elevate the rings quality 114 Ct Dsi3ex Round Agi and make Michael’s designs stand out. Carats with a very good cut. 0 grams of 1 karat yellow gold measuring approximately 1 mm x 1 mm across the top. February 1 01 0. Modern looking Gypsy set diamond platinum band. November 01 1 kt. I1 PQR European cut diamond ring. It’s well made from. November 01 Platinum diamond anniversary ring 0. Four smaller diamonds cost a fraction of what a single large diamond does.

Currently listed on Tiffany’s for 1. January 01 1 karat gents white gold diamond ring 1. Made up of three parts the hands the heart and the crown meant to symbolize the three promises of a relationship friendship love and loyalty. November 1 01 1 karat white gold princess cut diamond cluster. Being able to decide on one style out of thousands both of you like can sometimes be an impossible task. They have been one of our preferred suppliers for many decades. The size can easily be made smaller if required by one of our onsite goldsmiths. As was the trend in the 1 00s the ring features a 1 mm by 1 mm tiered halo of deep red natural garnets broken up beautifully by soft lustrous pearls. The ring measures a slightly larger than average 1 it can easily be sized but it would actually make a really nifty thumb ring. Tiny chips are quite common on very old diamonds due to the practice of cutting the girdles to a knife edge finish 100 years ago. E 0 is a big brand for the cruise ship traveller. Ours is estate priced at 0. Medium tone violet blue. Each is a soft and quiet daily reminder of the person who wears its mate a thought meant just for 62 Grams Crystal Gold Round Mountain Specimen the two of you. I think it’s a custom made sustain musical note. 0 carat I1 GH. The ring was cast from. E10 0 It can be pretty tough finding a nice engagement ring for under 1000.

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