14k Solid White Gold Pretty Round Square Snake Chain 16 Inches 5 Grams Italy

The larger ones 14k Solid White Gold Pretty Round Square Snake shown have smooth or lined barrels. Interesting to note that most of the time when I find these 14k White Gold they are in a boxed set complete with tags instruction booklets and often the original cellophane wrappers. Other Wahl Eversharp Metal Pencils 1 1. Eversharp Bantam 1 1 1 These little guys are great. Small ones are harder to find than the regular sized ones. According to the 1 catalog the clasp models were bigger than the ladies’ purse pencils but as this picture shows the size must have been exaggerated. At first it looks like the wrong cap stuck in there but this one is rounded and appears to be unique to this model. Pencils were made in hard rubber and in celluloid and most were made to match pens. Here are two nice ballpoint pencil sets one with the Big E clips and the other marked around the center with the Eversharp name and a Parker arrow. Other Eversharps 1 1 0 Here is a grouping of Eversharps including dollar pens student pens and everything else that doesn’t fit in with any of the above.

The earliest the black example were clipless pencils marked Wahl Eversharp 100 and were only produced in 1 1. On the later Eversharps occasionally the internal mechanism will be engraved to match or complement the barrel. Eversharp Autopoint hybrids 1 1 On the first three examples at left the nose easily pulls out to reveal a patent number 1 a John Straka design patented November 1 that has nothing to do with this pencil although the Straka patent 1 is closer. Note the difference in the center band placement on the two small green examples.

Later Wahl Oxfords Eversharps and Firestone pencils Towards the later 1 0s Eversharps and Wahl Oxfords were often differentiated only by the clip mounted on the side. Below the clip a reference to the dollar question on Take it or Leave It the game show that Eversharp sponsored. The fourth the maroon example the right had nickel plated trim no upper band a smooth nickel plate button with an eraser under the button rather than integrated into the button and a patent number 0. Note the interesting additional trim ring at the top of the barrel rather than the band near 14kt White Gold Ring the top. Parker Eversharp Envoy Not everything that Parker did with the Eversharp name was a bad thing. It could be that the patent was applied for but was never issued because of the simplicity of the design. At first they look like Coronets but the clips are Airliner clips and the top portions are smooth. Here’s one to keep an eye out for. Eversharp Square Pencils 1? To solve this problem designers first welded a larger diameter plug on the end of a regular Eversharp mechanism as shown in the Eversharp 100 at top. The assignee of the patent was The Moore Pen Co. Note that the barrel is completely smooth. This is a close up of one of the green moire ladies’ pencils in the preceding frame showing the FANTASTIC 1 World’s Fair imprint. Whether this was done by a repairman or at the factory is unknown. It appears that the very first Skyline pencils had thie band located slightly above the break between the solid color and striped section probably to mimic the placement of the band on the pen. 274ct 14k Gold Natural Wahl Eversharp Greek Key and Deco Band Tempoint Pencils 1 1 0 These were the top of the line in this series.

Here is another view showing the simple elegance of the later design shown above. Produced at the same time as the Equipoised these pencils were produced in 1 different colors eight of which are represented here. The thin models shown are from left a checkerboard pattern found only on midget sized and 1 k models and a grecian border example. This picture shows the depths to which Eversharp sank before Parker put the company out of its misery. They just didn’t sell as many as they needed to in order to stay alive.

Wahl’s design for a Single Magazine pencil for which he applied for a patent on October 1 1 which was finally issued on February 1 as patent number Screw Back Stud Diamond Earrings 1 0 0. Eversharp Skyline Standard II I heard a rumor at one point that these were supposedly military tributes since they were given in red white and blue presentation boxes and at least one of them appears to mimic the red white and blue of the flag. These are some of the earliest offerings.

This was Eversharp’s lower priced line of Skylines which like the lower priced Dorics were mechanically and functionally identical to the regular line except in appearance. Most continued to use the old roller clip design kind of 14k Solid White Gold Pretty Round Square Snake like bolting a bumper off of last year’s Rolls Royce onto a Porche Boxter. The military style clip was patented by John C. However the different imprints nose cone and Amazing Deal On U Boat Classico patterns still provide a rough guide as to when they were made. Sometimes these are found with a tiny hole in the gold double checkmark seal. For lack of a better term I have called these clutch models which is a bit of a misnomer since all of the repeaters have an internal clutch concealed within the tip. The earlier ones first six on the left had bell tops some of which also had a grecian border. Although I’m a pencil guy I didn’t have the heart to break up the Century of Progress set I found with the original price sticker! These are included here because the clips were taken from Airliners from Eversharp subbrands like 543 00055 Controller For Daewoo Doosan Monitor and Oxford as well as a ball clip not found elsewhere. There was also a ringtop sized example with a side clip that recently surfaced on ebay. They are advertising pencils for tire companies. A blue one recently surfaced but it wasn’t for sale. Pend on the cap appears to be an adaptation of John C. The one on the right is the most interesting one the clip is integrated into the repeater mechanism and moves up and down in a notch cut into the top of the barrel. Set prices were a hefty. Also during this time the lovely turquoise models pictured were introduced. The good ones to watch for are the faceted ones some call them miniature dorics or doric bantams even though they have nothing to do with the Doric line and the 1 World’s Fair Souveniers which have the words Century of Progress on the center band. After the Doric line was introduced in 1 1 the Equipoised line remained in Eversharp catalogues until around 1. There were six 14k Solid White Gold Pretty Round Square Snake colors of the smaller version shown are jet black examples of the green moire and a red moire. 0 later ads refer to all of the oversized pencils as s regardless of the size of lead in them. Shown are ringtops military clip models and full sized side clip models. What makes these models different is that the clutch extends outside of the tip.

 20″ Franco Chain 14k Solid White Gold Square Box Necklace 2.3mm Thick


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